The Band - Eve of Sin

Hypno, Damien, Mouse, Vivek, Kin

The band - Eve of Sin

Eve of Sin is a group of 5 people sharing the same passion — to unleash a rush of rage to anyone brave enough to dive into the pits of metalcore music. Everyone in the band comes from humble backgrounds with an interesting story to tell.

As much as we are all different in our own ways, when on stage, we are united with our desire to have fun with the audience and keep the energy bouncing. Eve of Sin is known for our loud, raw and brutally threatening riffs alongside a showcase of madness in headbanging.

Our songs are not about being upset and frustrated with life, they are about being empowered by rage and turning that energy into fuel for the mind!

Band History

Officially established in March 2007, Eve of Sin is set to bring musical hell to Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

Music Direction

All the members of Eve of Sin enjoy different styles of music with metal being their common ground. This brings a new and fresh perspective to their style of music as it combines elements from heavy metal and hardcore with a pinch of other musical styles. Their main objective is to create tunes packed full of energy.